Institutional customers

Companies, pension funds, foundations or asset managers have their own requirements. Which concept suits your goals? This question is at the beginning of every collaboration with us. The answer comes from analyzing your current situation, your demands and needs. Our investment specialists accompany you as strategic partners and manage your assets with an optimized risk-return ratio.

We responsibly align our investment decisions with the long-term success of your company or institution. The best possible solution, in our opinion, requires intelligent diversification and far-sighted risk management. We can implement our individual solutions via retail or special funds as well as discretionary asset management mandates.

Warburg Invest KAG
We would like to increasingly offer the various interesting investment solutions from Warburg Invest KAGmbH, especially to institutional and semi-institutional investors.
Lars Albert
Head of Sales Warburg Invest

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Depending on the focus of your work, the following specialists are available to you

Thomas Wieneke
Warburg Invest